Your Rightful Partner Towards Fast Recovery

Your Rightful Partner Towards Fast Recovery

Your Rightful Partner Towards Fast Recovery

Your Rightful Partner Towards Fast Recovery

Your Rightful Partner Towards Fast Recovery

Your Rightful Partner Towards Fast Recovery

Your Rightful Partner Towards Fast Recovery

Understanding the Benefits of Custom Compounded Medicine

Custom compounding is the art and science of combining and mixing the ingredients of a drug to produce medicines that cater to the needs of the patients. Compounded drugs provide an alternative for traditional dosage forms and are free from allergies.

Moreover, compounded medicines also offer numerous benefits to the patients including personalized dosages, improved taste and providing access to unavailable medicines. Let’s discuss these benefits in detail:

Personalized Dosing

Different patients have different needs. What works for one patient may not work for another one. Pharmacists at compounding medication pharmacies tailored medicines according to the patient’s needs and personalize dosages for them. If the medicines are personalized according to the patients’ specific needs, they are likely to be more effective.

Better Alternative to Traditional Dosage

Some people face difficulty in swallowing the medicine while others don’t like the bitter taste of medicines. In such cases, compounded medications are a better alternative. They can be prepared in various forms so that it becomes convenient for patients to take them. Visiting a pharmacy offering compounding services can help you get medicines in the form that suits your requirements.

Allergen- Free

Many people have allergies to ingredients commonly found in medicines that are commercially available. Exposure to such ingredients can cause adverse reactions in people having severe allergies. Compounded medications can be prepared without allergens, including gluten, lactose, and dyes, for patients with allergies or sensitivity who require medication regularly. The compounding pharmacist will alter the composition of medicines and replace the ingredient causing allergies with the next best available option.

Improved Taste

Compounded medications can be flavored to make them more palatable, especially for children who refuse to take medicines because of their bitter taste. If the medicines are good in taste, children will not be fussy in taking their medicines on time.

Access to Unavailable Medicines

Many commercial pharmaceutical companies discontinue manufacturing the old medicines due to various reasons like introduction of better alternatives or lower profits. This causes a shortage of such medicines.

But some people still prefer the older version of medicine as they used to be more effective for them. Compounding pharmacies can bring the unavailable medicines back by compounding a drug which contains the same active ingredients as the unavailable product.

Improved Absorption

Compounded medicines can be prepared with ingredients that improve absorption. Further, liquid formulation of your drug can bypass the digestive system enabling quick absorption.

Final Words

If you have trouble swallowing tablets, or like to enhance the taste of your medicines, custom compounded medicines are the right choice for you. Contact us today for custom compounding services. Our compounding pharmacists will work with you to create customized medications that meet your specific needs. Book an appointment today!